5 Cancer Prevention Tips To Reduce Cancer

5 Cancer Prevention Tips To Reduce Cancer


Your age and family history are the two key factors that increase your risk of developing cancer and never changed. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself from cancer such as changing your lifestyle choices and controlling your health.

A person's risk of developing cancer is influenced by numerous factors. However, the good news is that many cancers can be avoided when you visit a cancer specialist in Siliguri, and you can significantly lower your risk of certain cancers by adopting healthy habits.

Prevention is the best treatment when it comes to preventing cancer. Here are the five cancer prevention tips you can take right away:

Healthy Diet & Exercise

Eating nutritious foods and doing exercise on a regular basis are proactive ways of aiding cancer under control. You can also feel better and keep your overall health good by eating well and exercising regularly. Make a diet plan that includes seasonal fruits, green vegetables, whole grains, and beans. Make sure your foods are filled with nutrients, minerals, and fiber.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle requires all of these things. A healthy weight for your height and lifestyle is also important. Talk to your cancer specialist in Siliguri about the ideal weight for you. Don't miss to follow the guidelines of physical activity. Make sure to check your activity plan by setting up an emotionally supportive system and putting realistic goals.

Quit Smoking & Tobacco

Stop smoking and tobacco use helps to decrease your risk of cancer. Smoking is bad for the lungs and could cause cancer. Individuals who smoke more cigarettes or smoke for years have a higher risk of having cancer.

Cancers of the mouth, throat, and larynx can also be caused by smoking and tobacco use. Lung cancer is also very likely to occur in those who regularly inhale secondhand smoke. Using smoking and tobacco also causes mouth and throat cancer.

Avoid Sunlight & Radiation

Different kinds of cancer can occur when you are exposed to radiation, like sunlight. Regular unprotected exposure can also increase the risk of skin cancer. When you are in the daylight for expanded timeframes, use sunscreen and wear a wide-overflow cap and a long-sleeve shirt.

Radon, which can cause lung cancer and can be found in your home, is a less common source of radiation. However, regular sources of radiation, such as microwaves and smartphones don't increase the risk of cancer.

Limit Drinking Alcohol

Avoiding alcohol consumption is best for cancer prevention. Cancers have been linked to alcohol in any form, including beer, wine, and liquor. These cancers incorporate liver, colorectal, mouth, throat, voice box, throat, and breast. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help lower the risk of developing cancer.

Routine Screening Tests

Regular cancer screenings can give genuine serenity if you are out of cancer. Consult with your cancer specialist in Siliguri to know which cancer screenings are suitable for you and when.

Screening tests additionally help to identify cancer in their early phases, when they are easily treatable. Depending on your age, gender, family history, and lifestyle choices, you will be eligible for cancer screenings.

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