Medical Oncologist in Siliguri

The diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer are the primary focuses of medical oncology. Generally, an oncologist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer patients with different treatment options such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted drug therapy, immunotherapy, and others.

Chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted drug therapy treatments are used by medical oncologists to treat cancer. Being a leading medical oncologist in Siliguri, Dr. Arkoprovo Halder develops the most effective cancer treatment plan for you.

How A Medical Oncologist Can Help You?

  • Diagnose your cancer
  • Identify treatment options
  • Learn the benefits of treatment
  • Learn the Side effects of treatment
  • Oversee your treatment
  • Manage your post-treatment care

The medical oncologist is a primary cancer physician who determines your diagnosis and treatment options after describing your stage and type of cancer. In addition, the doctor will also assist you in managing symptoms and the side effects of the cancer treatments.

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Medical Oncologist in Siliguri

Cancer treatment is very challenging and different cancer treatments are handled by different oncologists. If your doctor suspects any signs of cancer, he will discuss your concerns and ask about your medical history.

After visiting, Dr. Arkoprovo Halder, an oncologist in Siliguri will check your medical history and according to your current condition, prepare for the right treatment options that not only cure cancer but also give you a better life for a longer period.

If you are a cancer patient or you notice the signs and symptoms of cancer or have any questions or queries, then don't delay, make an appointment immediately with Dr. Arkoprovo Halder, MD - Radiotherapy, DM - Medical Oncology (Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore), Medical Oncologist at - +91 8001179000 and discuss your problem in detail.

Dr. Arkoprovo Halder

Dr. Arkoprovo Halder

MD - Radiotherapy, DM - Medical Oncology

(Kidwai Cancer Institute, Bangalore)

Medical Oncologist

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